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Why HelloFresh, Factor Meals And Other Meal Prep & Delivery Companies Have the Best Marketing

Meal prep companies — such as HelloFresh and Factor Meals — offer fresh food supplies and recipes for clients to be able to elaborate healthy, quick, and easy recipes at home. Continue reading to learn more about these companies’ marketing techniques.

These types of companies tend to work under a subscription model. Every client gets to choose a meal plan that adjusts to their diet goals or food cravings. Also, an attractive feature of meal prep companies is the delivery service they offer.

While the concept of meal prep business sounds simple, there is a lot of logistics and planning involved to gain a stable client base. 

In this article, we will cover the marketing techniques commonly used by established meal prep companies.

Online Presence 

Meal prep companies tend to have great marketing strategies. They are focused on selling through online and digital platforms.

To begin with, a meal prep company should at least have a website and an App.

Website: Desktop and Mobile View

Both the desktop and mobile view of websites from meal prep companies tend to have the next features:

  • Navigation through the page is intuitive. The clean and simple design allows potential customers to go from one page to another without being overwhelmed or confused. This helps online purchases to be quick and easy.
  • Includes Call-to-Action buttons to encourage subscriptions.
  • Have a blog page, where anyone can read about recipes, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, etc.
  • Includes links to social media channels of the brand.

The App

Meal prep apps are similar to their websites, except that they focus more on sharing their recipes (valuable content!). You don’t have to be a paid subscriber to get access to them; if anything, they may ask you to provide an email. This approach is efficient for gaining new clients or for having potential clients to subscribe to your newsletter.

Content Strategies

The Blog

Are blogs necessary? Do people even bother to read them? In a nutshell, yes. The right audience will read them. Plus, with blogs, you can get benefits like:

  • Creating organic traffic by adding keywords
  • Gaining new subscribers
  • Apply SEO techniques like link building — which help businesses to establish themselves in the market and build professional relationships.

For what we could gather, meal prep companies constantly update their blogs — uploads take from 1 to 7 days — and share quality content about nutrition and even their own recipes.


Every meal prep company has a newsletter. They use them to update their clients on menus, recipes, and promos. Newsletters also help to introduce your brand and gain new clients.

Social Media 

Meal prep companies have at least one social media account. Most likely, it is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

The content on social media platforms tends to be the same. However, we noticed that HelloFresh adds different content to each of its social media channels. While this may seem like too much work, the reason is that the age gap varies depending on the social media platform. For example, teens are more apt to use TikTok, while you can find millennials somewhere between Instagram and Twitter, and Facebook is for old(er) people. Considering that food habits  vary according to your age, HelloFresh’s approach to social media may be giving really good results.


Before selling anything, people need to know that your business exists. Advertising is a must for meal prep businesses. These companies pay to advertise their services through online ads, TV ads and even handing out vouchers.

At Web Content Development, we build personalized marketing strategies to adjust to any business. Contact us today and get a free consultation about how we can improve your business with SEO and other marketing techniques. We are here to help!

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