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Hootsuite, Zoho or Buffer: What is the Best Social Media Software of 2019

There are plenty of social media management tools out there these days. But which ones are at the top of the list? What offerings should a social media management tool have? To qualify as a social media management tool, a platform should offer the following:

  • schedule posts
  • boost posts
  • analytics
  • administer several social media accounts.

Social media management software is used by communications, marketing, and social media professionals. They use it to interact with their online communities, brand management, and awareness. Additionally, to manage workflows. Within this software, they often provide tools. Such as schedules, content libraries, and archives. As well as various levels of user controls for robust teams. This software is poised at boosting traffic and searching optimization. And increasing customer service satisfaction and conversation.

Social Media Management Software – HootSuite

Hootsuite has been around for a while.  It has expanded its offerings over the years. It has become one of the most trusted and widely used social media tools on the market. No matter if your organization is small or a Fortune 500 company, Hootsuite has packages for all levels of social media managers. It brings together your brand’s various social media channels and over 200 business applications.  It’s easy to integrate with your other project management tools for a seamless easy to use solution.

HootSuite Benefits

It’s a one-stop social media management tool that helps social media managers listen to their customers’ needs. It also helps build relationships and advance your brand. It offers tools ranging from social advertising to employee advocacy. As well as content creation and more. Hootsuite is one of the best of 2019.


Buffer is relatively new to the social media management tool world. It offers a robust social media management platform. It offers extensive team management levels, allowing teams to have different roles within the organization. From the leader who pushes content live, to those creating the content or replying to customers across the various platforms. The software also offers the ability to manage several accounts all in one place. Even the elusive Instagram.

Buffer Tools

Of course, all social media managers need to be able to get a look into what is working and what is not. Buffer offers an in-depth analytics component to help drive meaningful results no matter what channel you are on. This software helps teams work effectively and efficiently. No more having to log in and out of different accounts to publishes content or to reply to a comment. With their integrated scheduling tool, simply upload your content, choose when you want it to go live and that’s it. Buffer will publish for you at the selected time on the chosen platform.


Business and agencies trust Zoho which is apart of a suite of 40+ products. Social media managers utilize their powerful features. These include a publishing calendar, repeat post, bulk scheduler, and monitoring. This software offers an extensive reporting feature. To help social media managers to analyze performance across social channels. Also, to make adjusts and create custom reports for clients.

Zoho for Teams

For teams, the collaboration feature allows for custom user-roles which makes it easy for teams to manage accounts across various brands.  Also, Zoho’s CRM feature allows for generating sales leads from the platform. For customer service, teams can quickly create tickets for their customer service teams to follow up on and resolve any issue.

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