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Instagram Branded Content in 2019

Influencer-driven Instagram marketing entered into the limelight back in 2016. Since then, it has become one of the best (and biggest) ways for brands to push their products and services. It gives traditional advertising a run for its money. Over the few last years, many brands, big and small, have relied on this method as a way to reach their Instagram audiences and have received good results.

Instagram Marketing Made Easy

Being a new marketing strategy, however, changes in trends and rules continue to rock this evolving industry. Back in 2017, for instance, a good number of Instagram influencers started faking sponsored posts. This was in the hopes of building their Instagram followings and luring more potential sponsors.

In an attempt to mitigate the risks associated with this behavior,  the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) begun to crack down on creators (influencers and publishers). As well as business partners violating its requirements. Instagram, on the other hand, launched a paid partnership feature in the same year as a way to keep its users on the right side of the regulators. Although the tool was made available to a small group of the Instagram community at first, it later became accessible to all users, particularly those with high engagement levels.

How to Market For Instagram Using the Branded Content Tool

Marketing for Instagram using branded content is super easy. You just launch the Instagram app and go to Business Settings under Options. You’ll then need to scroll down and set Branded Content Approvals ON. And just like that, you are good to go!

As soon as you have signed a deal and ironed out the content details, the influencer can then enter the creation flow in feeds and stories.  With the aid of this paid partnership feature, it’s easy to communicate to partners when a post is sponsored.

Once a campaign goes live, sponsors on the other end receive notifications via Instagram or Facebook. Using a Facebook account, they can then gather insights (likes and comments) on how their sponsored content campaigns are performing. Unlike feed insights that last forever, stories insights like the reach, taps forward & backward, replies and exits will only last for two weeks.

Over the last two years, this Instagram tool has led to a gradual increase in transparency, measurement, integrity, and authenticity, hence boosting brands confidence when collaborating with influencers. However, the need for more vigilance from the social media platform is still there.

New Instagram Marketing Trends in 2019

As we mark the start of this year, the Facebook-owned platform continues to explore better ways to for brands to amplify influencers’ content. Speaking during breakfast Tuesday for businesses and creators, Instagram’s product management lead, Ashley Yuki, said that the photo-and-video app has been refining its influencer marketing tools since last year. She pointed out that the newly rolled out Instagram ads format for branded content will help creators and advertisers connect in more formal partnerships. Unlike the 2017 paid partnership feature, this new offering will be available to all advertisers.

What the New Instagram Marketing Feature Brings

By purging manipulative creators and their phony activities, the 2019 Instagram tool for branded content will give business partners more peace of mind knowing that the influencers they are working with are real people. Even better, they will be able to get more accurate results of their partnership.

Instagram Marketing with Web Content Development

If you still haven’t ventured into influencer-driven advertising, there’s no better time to do that than the present. Not sure how to market for Instagram using branded content? Fret not! The team Web Content Development can work with you to ensure you implement a solid Instagram marketing campaign. Reach out to us today!


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