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Oreo’s Social Media Strategy: What They’re Doing Right

You can’t deny the appeal of Oreos – from traditional to double-stuffed to deep-fried Oreos to Oreo Blizzards. Since 1912, Nabisco has manufactured its chocolate wafers with sweet crème to “sweet toothers” all over the world. The Oreo name has carried on successfully for decades, but its social media agility and creative marketing strategies from the mid-2000s to the present day have made people who had forgotten about the brand take notice.

According to a 2012 edition of Time Magazine, Oreo is the biggest-selling cookie, or biscuit, in the United States. Oreo also sells well in more than 100 countries, including China, Canada, and Indonesia. Its first factory in Chelsea, New York is located on a street now famously dubbed Oreo Way.


Oreo’s Adaptable Marketing Strategies

Since 2008, Kraft and then Mondelez International (who successively took over for Nabisco in the 2000s) began to market the Oreo alongside high-profile events, like the Super Bowl; upcoming movie and game releases, such as PlayStation 4; and even political events. The Oreo was not just a stuffy treat from the 1900s but a contemporary cookie that could keep up with the times. For example, in June 2012, a rainbow crème-filled Oreo advertisement showed support for Gay Pride. Of course, such a marketing decision came with controversy, but Oreo made diversity and inclusivity a part of its mission—the cookie was made for all types of eaters.  


Dunk in the Dark Tweet

In 2013, Oreo’s agile use of social media really got fans and media outlets buzzing. Instead of a planned approach of when to post updates on each social media outlet, Oreo quickly took advantage of a unique situation during the 2013 Super Bowl: a 30-minute blackout during the game. While viewers waited with baited breath for the game to return, Oreo cleverly tweeted, “You can still dunk in the dark.” More than 16,000 people retweeted the post (with a certain percentage likely taking the dunking recommendation).


Playing with Oreo on Social Media

The fun didn’t stop with that tweet. Oreo continued its momentum with the playful hashtag #PlaywithOreo. Fans everywhere posted photos on Instagram of themselves playing with Oreos. Fans enthusiastically jumped in on multiple social media platforms. For example, a YouTuber created an “Oreo Trick Shot” video to which Oreo replied with its own video. The back-and-forth banter made a worthwhile experience for all social media users following Oreo. The company’s ability to be spontaneous left fans and media everywhere wondering what is next.


What You Can Learn From Oreo

Based on Oreo’s marketing success, here are a few tips for you to consider for your own company, whether big or small, well established, or just starting out:

  1. It’s necessary to strategize and plan, but you can also leave room for spontaneity. Consider what’s going on in the world and how your company and products might fit uniquely into the goings-on of the world. Sometimes, these spontaneous decisions involve a risk. Yet, a risk is usually more memorable than playing it safe.
  2. Consider the consumers, or fans, of your company or product. How do they play a role in your marketing efforts? For instance, how do they utilize social media?
  3. Have a sense of humor. It’s ok to be a little cheeky, a little cheesy, or a little over the top. You can do all of that while still remaining true to your brand.


Develop Your Own Social Media Strategy

Whether Oreo’s approach becomes your go-to marketing strategy or not, there are gems to be mined. Social media is where people are these days, and, therefore, finding interesting ways to tap into that outlet keeps you and your company fresh and in the game. If you seek support for your marketing efforts through an effective social media strategy, contact Web Content Development for a consultation.

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