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How to Optimize Your Branding on Facebook

Social media is one of the most incredible tools available in the modern age. It is essential for starting, building, and growing a business. This is especially true of Facebook because of its massive user base, presence, and wide array of tools that business owners can use. When it comes to using Facebook, optimization is key. Without optimizing branding and promotion, you can begin to waste money because ads may not be targeted correctly or reach enough people. Fortunately, there are several good ways to optimize Facebook branding and ensure that the best results are achieved. 

Proper Branding Includes Knowing Your Audience

One of the most critical parts of good branding is knowing your audience. Company branding will greatly improve in general by knowing who to target, as this will help determine how to communicate to them. This includes knowing what type of people and groups are in the audience, what they want, and what they like. Fortunately, Facebook has incredible tools to help a company accomplish this.

One such tool is the Facebook Ads Manager. Furthermore, this tool provides valuable insight when it comes to the current audience of a page. By going into the ad manager and looking at the “People connected to your page” link, it will display what education levels, genders, job titles, and more currently follow the page. This can be used to improve the reach to these groups that are already interested, as well as help branch out into other related demographics. 

Posting Time

Far too many businesses and pages tend to neglect the time of day that they post. They may just shotgun blast posts at whatever times of the day that they are available, but this can be a waste of time. It is important to know what time of day is successful in reaching the most people. 

Facebook has a great tool for this, called Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights includes a tab called “When Your Fans Are Online”, which tells you when current followers of the page are online and able to see and engage with posts. This should be used to gauge when posts are sent out for the best results. Another important part of this is having a staff member available to engage in real time. There should be someone there to respond to customers, or followers who are reaching out to your page. This can lead to sales or a new customer. But, it also helps build a relationship with the audience. 

Better Content Means Better Engagement

One of the keys of branding is getting the audience to engage with the page or company through good content. There is far too much generic content out there, and people may glaze over content without really reading it. Good content is attractive and it makes people want to engage more fully. This means having an established marketing strategy and team to create engaging and unique content. It can also include sharing third party content that is valuable, and related to your company or industry. 

Branding Is Key to Marketing

In the end, branding should be a major focus for every company, large or small. Businesses often overlook branding in marketing and this can hurt their overall reach and engagement. Creating a branding strategy will help get your company to a point where customers recognize and respect its name, products, and services. It will also help bring about word-of-mouth advertising, which is one of the most valuable forms of marketing, as people are more willing to take the advice and recommendations of those that they know. 


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