Implementing a Personalization Strategy into Your Web Content

There may once have been a time when internet users were willing to spend time searching for the exact information and answers they want, but today most users want instant gratification.  They are generally better informed and more selective, and the same marketing tools that have been used to gain their attention in the past may be completely ineffective in doing so today.  To be successful, then, a website must have personalized and engaging web content. Otherwise, they won’t spend more than a moment on it before looking elsewhere.

Personalizing Web Content

To safely steer clear of the “junk mail” category where few, if any, users would actually open the email, a company has to avoid sending generic email messages to their entire database.  Avoiding generic web content is important for the exact same reason–you need to provide multiple, personalized messages that are effective and relevant for a wide audience with varied needs.  Personalizing your web content creates a better customer experience and drives up conversion rates as it allows you to understand and address specific interests.

One of the most effective ways to personalize web content for users is to identify buyer behavior. Then, they present users with content, imagery, offers and calls-to-action based on these points.

For example, a clothing company website may identify a user’s location as southern Florida personalizes the homepage with content about warm-weather items.  Or, a website presents them with personalized recommendations based on this browsing history.  Some websites even use special personalization tools. These can allow their homepage to adapt based on the search terms visitors used to enter the site.

How Keywords Can Help

For example, searching for “family friendly cruises” may direct you to cruise company’s homepage.  Another search for “discount cruise packages” might bring you to the same cruise company’s website, but a different page.

Not only can web content personalization help to draw in, nurture, engage and convert website visitors. It can also help one better understand these visitors so that one can better address their needs.  The potential ROI is enormous.

Do not let the process of personalizing your web content daunt you. That is why there are marketing companies, like ourselves, to help take on the task. We can certainly aid in the addition to your content and any other strategies that will increase your company’s demand.

Contact us today at Web Content Development to set yourself on the right path for achieving all your online goals.

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