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Many streaming services are displayed behind a remote control, demonstrating brand marketing strategy.

Netflix, Hulu & Peacock’s Brand Case Study

The world of streaming services is rapidly changing as new and old competitors look to expand their brand reach.

Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock have specifically become household names. Offering a diverse range of entertainment that goes beyond captivating, these three companies have heavily invested in their branding to capture and keep their audiences.

Branding and Brand Values with High Competition

The streaming industry is full of high competition, so it’s crucial that streaming brands differentiate themselves.

A strong, well-defined brand has helped companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock create unique identities that connect with consumers. It also helps to establish trust, build brand loyalty, and communicate their brand values.

With an effective branding strategy, streaming companies are able to stand out. When done thoroughly, branding can be a powerful tool for success.

Branding Study of Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock

Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock are all companies within the same industry. However, their individual success is thanks to their ability to create distant brand identities that appeal to their audiences.

Here’s a branding study on how they compare and differ.

1. Social Media

Thanks to being one of the first streaming services, Netflix has built a massive following on social media. Since they also have a good grasp on virality, the streaming service frequently creates buzzworthy moments to drive viewership.

Hulu also has a strong hold on its social media platforms.

The streaming company uses its platforms to engage with its audience in a more marketable way, constantly reminding users to subscribe. By doing so, Hulu keeps its services at the forefront of people’s minds.

This can be especially effective when paired with anticipated releases, which Hulu teases and promotes on its social media.

NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock leverages the already existing network’s social media presence.

Doing so helps the company gain a massive amount of momentum. It also helps with promoting shows and movies, expanding Peacock’s reach and visibility.

Like Hulu, Peacock uses its platforms for its content and encourages subscriptions. But the company also fosters user engagement with live event coverages.

2. User Experience

Since the beginning, Netflix has built a reputation for its personalized recommendations and seamless streaming experience. Coupled with its autoplay feature, Netflix is the perfect go-to for binge-watching users.

Its design is also meant to be intuitive and simple, making content discovery and exploration easy to do. 

Hulu’s appeal is its offer of current and past entertainment. In fact, one of the subscription plans bundles Disney Plus – a perfect appeal for users who enjoy current shows mixed with the occasional nostalgia.

Like Netflix, Hulu’s content library is also pretty intuitive and comprehensive.

Peacock has aimed to set itself apart from its competitors with a blend of free and premium content.

The free tier provides limited access to its content, while the premium plan is ad-free and unlimited. Nonetheless, its range of subscription plans makes Peacock more appealing to users on a budget.

Peacock also features live sports and news.

3. Brand Awareness and Reputation

Netflix is undoubtedly the market leader with years of brand awareness and reputation building. In fact, despite the rise in competition, Netflix is often at the forefront of users’ minds.

While it may not be as widely known as Netflix, Hulu has gained notable success since its launch into streaming.

In fact, it’s even gained a solid reputation among TV enthusiasts thanks to its investment in acquiring popular shows.

As a platform known for offering nostalgic and current content, Hulu is seen as the brand that allows users to stay connected to their favorites.

Peacock is a new player in the streaming industry. So, in many ways, it’s still in the process of building its brand awareness and reputation.

However, with its tie to NBCUniversal, the streaming company has gained massive recognition as a platform that offers a wide range of content.

Like Hulu and Netflix, Peacock is also invested in creating original content.

It’s important that Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock differentiate themselves from each other. On top of different social media management, each company also has its own unique benefits and experiences to offer.

This helps them to successfully create a branding strategy that best suits them and their audiences.

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