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Comparing Content for Blogs vs. Websites: What Does It Mean?

Many consumers today look to the Internet for answers and solutions to any and every question they may have.  Whether they want advice on home decorating, a location from which to buy recreational equipment or a solution for dealing with troublesome coworkers, individuals often turn to the Internet for answers.  This makes a well-maintained, professional website essential to a business’ success, but what few business owners may know is that in addition to their website, they should also have a blog.

The Difference in Content on Blogs and Websites

First of all, a blog and a website are not the same things.  They have entirely different purposes, and as a result, their content is markedly different. Websites are designed to remain constant.  With very rare exceptions, the content on a website remains the same, and it is normally very formally and professionally written.  Website content is designed to communicate about a business’ products or services in a way that answers a potential client’s most basic questions, but they are not designed to be interactive.

Blogs are designed to have regularly updated content that is very informally and casually presented.  The content on a blog normally contains helpful tips or information that is useful and educational for readers.  Perhaps even more importantly, blogs are designed to be interactive, with readers responding to posts and beginning conversations and relationships with the business and other potential and current clients.

How Should Content Look on Blogs vs. Websites?

Arguing that one, blogs or websites, is more important than the other, is a moot point.

In truth, the two different types of content are equally important–in very different ways–and they work together to create a rich experience for consumers and readers.  Web sites allow a business to advertise, promote and sell their products or services.  The professional nature of website content can work to convince consumers that this business has what they need and want.

Blogs allow a business to form a trusting relationship with consumers. Namely, by giving them valuable information and allowing them to interact with the business.  While a website may advertise and sell a product, blogs help consumers understand why they need that product or how they can best use that product.

Together, blog and website content can contribute to a business’ great success. Therefore, it’s very profitable to make sure you have both. Finding the right web content company is key as well. Choose the one with professional, original content for either the blog or website portion.

SEO is the crucial point in web content and driving in visitors to your website. When you continuously publish blogs, it can put you higher on a search engine versus only having beautiful website content. We recommend you have both, while also maintaining your site for optimal results.

Contact us today to learn more and if you need help in any part of your website.

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About the Author

Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva

Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva has worked in the Internet marketing industry for the last 20-years. Erica is the top-secret SEO weapon to marketing and advertising agencies in the world. She has generated over 300+ million in revenue for high-value brands such as Walmart, Pottery Barn, iRobot, Cutting Edge Firewood, Kelley Blue Book, and many more. Erica has custom-created more than 1,000 content, SEO, and marketing strategies which held the key to doubling and tripling online traffic, and marketing ROI. She has also authored a series of online publications including The Digital Branding Survival Guide, Million Dollar Marketing, 5 Steps to Increase Web Traffic by Blogging, and Repairing Your Online Reputation.