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The 5 Best Athletic Social Media Accounts and Why

It’s not just a fad; social media has become a critical part of our lives. It’s revolutionizing virtually every industry, and sports is no exception. For top athletes, social media is a potential game-changer. It helps them establish friendly and familiar relationships with fans. Their ongoing exposure from their teams, leagues, and sponsors coupled with a professional social media manager help them attain an increasingly strong fan base. When they perform well – break records, win championships – or get covered in the press, their social media accounts go wild. What’s even novel is that they cash big on the craze, thanks to a slew of deals they sign with different brands.

Check out these top athletic, social media accounts in 2019.

  1.    Lebron James

With over 110.5 million followers, LeBron is a shining star on social media. Being the highest-scoring NBA player currently, it comes as no surprise that he has made a name for himself online. Among other awards, LeBron has won the NBA MVP Award and NBA Championship more than once. All these make his account much more appealing in the eyes of fans. His 2016 NBA Finals win, in particular, earned him more than 10 million followers.

  1.    Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is arguably the best football player in the world. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular players with a huge following of over 346 million people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined. With such an audience, Forbes claims he can produce nearly $1 billion in annual revenue for his sponsors. That’s big money! Isn’t it? Compellingly, Ronaldo’s popularity not only comes from soccer celebrity’s prowess but also effective social media management. That is his active engagement and attitude towards fans.

  1.    John Cena

Cena is, without a doubt, the most successful WWE superstar. Being a wrestler, rapper and actor, he has garnered followers over 65 million. Although Cena has his share of haters (he’s human, after all), his in-ring achievements, appearance on different TV shows, and incredible amounts of charity work are reasons why fans adulate him.  His direct line of communication with fans online makes his account entertaining and engaging.

  1.    The Rock

Dwayne is a successful pro wrestler turned actor. With over 196.1 passionate fans online, he is an outlier regarding popularity and audience size. His tweet game is on a whole new level. He shares plenty of great inspirational content that keeps his accounts lit. With many people buzzing about his future as a potential presidential candidate in 2020, his accounts have become much better in recent years.

  1.    Conor McGregor

McGregor has grown from being a cocky fighter to a phenomenon individual, to something so much more, and so has his fan following. Currently, the UFC’s biggest star has a massive online audience size of more than 116 million. The buzz around the 2017 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather has been a rollercoaster. It has given him unrivaled attention, skyrocketing his followers on social media. His rise to stardom has seen him partner with top brands, earning him even more followers.  

Take Away

Although fame provides an organic audience, an athlete’s social impact is not directly tied their accomplishments in sports. It calls for more – effective social media management. Unfortunately, he or she may not have in-depth knowledge of using social media management tools appropriately. Time may be limited on them, too. That’s why a social media manager is vital to handle the taxing bit – create high-quality, personality-infused content, build their audiences, craft effective campaigns, and more.

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